ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION is that promotes the Handicraft Maker’s of India.

Art-These three letters bring to mind a vibrant confluence of A-AGELESS, R-RELIGIOUSLESS AND T-TIMELESS.

ART always express an emotion- of belonging, and of pride in ancient culture that has taken many forms across the country.

In a big country like India, we have a huge talent of youth artist. These artists have proven their artistry with their skill and talent all over the World but we found that the artistry made by these artists usually purchased in less price and sold in higher prices.

With the advent of urbanization, however, only a shadow of our glorious past has survived-OUR TRADITIONAL ART IS FIGHTING TO STAY ALIVE.

We merge the artistic skills and talents of artisans with modern marketing techniques- thus making these valuable crafts accessible to all. More importantly, we source our products directly from the artisans, skipping the middleman who pockets huge margins for himself.

Through this, we hope to give these talented artisans and creators the respect and rewards that they rightfully deserve.

Happy to inform you all that we are part of the great initiative taken by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in the aspect of Make in India for the Welfare of Indian citizens. We have taken few steps to contribute a small part in it hence we develop a website name Art make in India.

From ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION we took a initiative to support the talent & skill of these artists to give them a platform where we support them and take responsibility to provide the actual value, respect and importance of the artistry made by these artists.

ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION is a main focus is to strengthen the Indian artisans and help them elevate Indian culture and heritage by increasing the Indian handicraft products. We give a platform to the artisans to sell their products all over India and worldwide along with various services like payment services, packing services, shipping services, etc. which are provided to them free of cost. The founder of the company Mrs. Shilpa Sharma is an artist herself and has been in this field for the past 22 years and has known the struggles faced by various artists. She took the initiative to aid the artisans in the form of this company and strongly believes that the art of the country should be promoted world wide.

The executives of the ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION  personally reach out to individual as well as group of artists and help them improve their product’s quality and provides payment facilities. They are also given free training for packing their products and the foundation provides them shipping facilities. Their products are uploaded on our website and advance payment to fulfill the orders is also made available. The founders as well as the executives promote the Government Schemes available for the artisan’ sector and grow the special art of a state or a region to other states and regions of our country as well as other foreign nations.

Their products are forwarded to retailer, trader, exporter, resellers, online markets, B2B markets, etc. in form of catalogues so that the artists get orders everyday. We don’t just want to promote a handicraft product but the sector as whole and for taking such steps the company would appreciate the support of the Government and Corporate sectors in various ways.