The crafts of Bihar are popular across the country. Of the many interesting crafts of Bihar, the Madhubani Paintings are most famous, which are mostly practiced in the region of Mithila. These paintings are painted during weddings and festivals as these are regarded as auspicious. These paintings mostly depict religious subjects like marriages of god and goddesses. Other crafts like bangles of Muzaffarpur are very famous. The Stone Work of Bihar is also a popular craft. Some beautiful exaples of stone images can be seen in cities like Gaya, Nalanda and Patna. Another craft in Bihar is Khatwa, which is an appliqué work of designing by cutting of one fabric and stitching the pieces to another fabric.
Madhubani painting, also called Mithila Painting, is a traditional folk art of Bihar which has succeeded in creating a place globally. Madhubani painting has been done traditionally by the women of villages around the present town of Madhubani and other areas of Mithila region of Bihar. 
The painting was traditionally done on freshly plastered mud wall of huts, but now it is also done on cloth, hand-made paper and canvas. The colors used are derived from plants.
These paintings were usually made on the eve of important dates, to mark the ceremonies to be performed, like a wedding, festivals, religious events etc. Traditionally, rice ground into paste was used to create these works of art.