Art and craft has found a significant place in Delhi because so many dynasties and emperors ruled Delhi. Every dynasty coming and ruling in Delhi brought its own unique style of art and craft. Mughals being great patrons of art and craft brought some rich legacies. Though all of them didn’t survive, there are many that are still existing and flourishing. Other crafts that exist since the Mughal era include Zardozi, the art of embroidery with gold thread. It includes intricate designs on silk velvet and other materials and also uses semi-precious stones. Similarly, Meenakari is another significant craft of that era. In Meenakari, paint is embossed on silver or gold to give it the look of a precious stone.
The ‘zari zardozi’ which is embroidery by a golden thread is a popular form of craft work seen in several velvets and silk clothing. These intricate designs add value and price to these products. The silver threads are being used to embroider the work which adds value, color, and shine to these clothes. The unique craftsmanship of these artists which is backed by regal culture can still be seen in Matia palace area.
Other forms of arts here include pottery, toy sculpting with wood, polishing works, and kite making. They are also existent around old Delhi area. These handicrafts are still sold at a high value around Dilli Haat, Pragati Maidan, and state emporiums.
One should not miss out the ‘meenakari work’ which is colored paint embossed on gold and silver. This gives a look of precious metal due to the pieces of color it adds. Further, there are craftworks such as lacquer bangles which are still popular among several women.