Like in other states of the country, the range of Goan handicrafts vary. Most of Goa’s handicrafts are made with the help of materials like clay, seashells, paper, bamboo and brass. The huge influx of tourists in the state helps in flourishing of the handicraft industry in Goa. The art and crafts of Goa present unified artistic amalgamation. Brass Work , Wooden LacqueRware, Papier Mache, Bamboo Craft, Terracotta Pottery, Woodcarving, Seashell Craft, Goan tribal art are the categories of handicrafts in Goa
Seashells are the external skeletons of a class of marine animals called Mollusks. Human beings have skeletons inside the bodies, likewise mollusks have the shell on their outside body. Seashells are primarily made of calcium, a hard mineral, as our own bones contain. When a mollusk dies, is shell is left behind, just as land animals leave their skeletons behind. Sometimes the shell is taken and used as a home by other sea creatures, such as hermit crabs. When a hermit crab outgrows the shell it has borrowed, it abandons it and finds a larger one to use.
Shells are collected for their beauty and displayed as art objects. Collecting is a pure treasure hunt as one walks along beaches, clambers over rocks, wades in the shallows at low tide-always looking for the unusual shell, for a flash of color, a different shape. And then, the quick scooping up of the shell from sand or water-the excitement and triumph of a new possession. The loot depends on the beach location, the time of year and the tide, and expedition becomes a new experience.
One of the most popular crafts of Chhattisgarh, the excellence of Dhokra appeals to travellers from all over the world and this unique craft represents the state internationally.