Gujarat is highly affluent in terms of its arts and crafts. The state has a rich legacy of unique handicrafts. The state is rich is embroidery, leatherwork, bandhani and hand-block printing amongst other crafts. The patterns of these crafts are exquisite and are available in various forms. Moreover, they offer a good combination of diversity of arts and crafts with its aesthetic appeal. 
The various interesting forms of crafts found in Gujarat include: Needlework/ Embroidery , Tie and dye - Bandhani , Zari , Beadwork, Patola, Jewellery, Furnishings, Pottery , Woodwork/ woodcarving , Textile culture
Beadwork is an integral part of Gujarati crafting. Gujarat is at the core of bead craft. It is known as ‘Moti Bharat,’ in other words ‘Bead India.’
The origin of this artwork is Saurashtra and Khambhat, two districts of Gujarat. Bead craft is the art of making traditional decorative products with beads. This artwork includes a wall piece, cushion covers, plate cover, jug covers, vase, table mats, and many more items.
Nylon thread is significantly used to make the bead craft. The nylon thread is strong enough to hold the beads properly. Moreover, this craft uses a technique of joining two or three beads together in creating the products.