The handicraft industry of Haryana offers an extensive range of art and craft including pottery making, handlooms, woven furniture and woodcarving. The handloom culture of Haryana is widespread. The textile town, Panipat is popular for its rugs and upholstery fabric. Moreover, pottery of Haryana is also famous because of their artistic decorative pots. Rohtak district makes some beautiful pitchers with clay. The villages of Haryana are centers of these local crafts. Other crafts of Haryana include tilla juttis of Rewari, educational toys of Gurgaon and much more.
Haryana is famous for its Handlooms, The shawls, lungis and Durries are the most popular among them. The Haryana Shawl known as Phulkari is appreciated all over the world for its rich Embroidery. Though it is very similar to the Kashimiri style but the Phulkari of Haryana is unique in its use of colors and patterns. Phulkari and Bagh are essentially products from the rural parts of the state of Haryana. 
The Phulkaris are worn by the women of Haryana with their Ghagra and Choli during the winters. Another type of shawl very similar to the Phulkaris is the Bagh. Intricate embroidery is the main feature of this branch of Handlooms. Almost the entire base cloth is covered with embroidery in the Bagh styled shawls.
Phulkari is done by the women population of some of the villages and it generally take years to complete one such piece. Weaving starts after the birth of a girl in the family and its completed to be given as a wedding present to her.