The various kinds of handicrafts available in Himachal Pradesh include woodwork, leather embroidery, metal wares, carpets, painting and woolen textiles. The range of handicrafts found in Himachal is unique to the state. The crafts of this state are vast and portray the artistic skill of the craftsmen.
Himachal also specializes in making fine shawls. Moreover, accessories, embroidery, woolen garments and leather craft of Himachal is extremely precious and popular.
The extreme winters of Himachal necessitated wool weaving. Nearly every household in Himachal owns a pit-loom[citation needed] .Wool is considered as pure and is used as a ritual cloth. The well known woven object is the shawl, ranging from fine pashmina to the coarse desar. Kullu is famous for its shawls with striking patterns and vibrant colors.
Himachali caps are of typical styles and they differ region to region. In Kinnaur, shawls, saris and trousers are woven in wool. The shawls woven in Rampur, known as Rampur chaddar, are known for their soft texture and durability. In Chamba district, weaving assumes a chequered pattern. Besides shawls, carpets and blankets are also a vital part of the Himachali lifestyle.
Pattu: A woolen fabric draped by women like a sarong, used for everyday wear are plain or chequered with simple borders. The ones worn during festive occasion are ornately patterned with designs motifs along with the weft as well as warp. Many times pattus may have a red border called Khusti running along the vertical edge.
Shawls of Himachal Pradesh: The shawl is believed to be relatively recent introduction to the tradition of Himachal Pradesh. Shawl weaving today become one of the most flourishing industries a means of livelihood. For people a secondary occupation to augment and supplement their income from farming.