The various crafts of Jharkhand include bamboo crafts, woodcrafts, Pitkar paintings, tribal ornaments and stone carving. Being rich is forest and wood, Jharkhand produces some good craftwork from wood and related materials. Pitkar paintings and stone carving are other crafts that interest people across the country. Moreover, the tribal ornaments are unique and special and receives a lot of attention and also portrays traditional heritage of the tribal people. Toy making is another craft that is fun and the outcome is quite amazing. These colorful and gorgeous toys are given various shapes of bird and animals.
The handicrafts of Jharkhand are made by its different tribes and its craftsmen, which portray the rich tradition of art and culture of the state and its people.
In the Eastern Singhbhum district of Jharkhand is the village of Amadubi is a community of artists called the Chitrakars. They paint on scrolls using a style that is indigenous to the region. This style of painting is called Paitkar. This style can be called a variant of the Pata style of painting practiced in both West Bengal and Odisha.
The tradition of Paitkar painting is quite old. In fact, it is considered to have been developed alongside the other more well know Patachitra style scroll paintings. However, it has languished in obscurity compared to the others, due to lack of patronage and exposure.
The fact of the matter is, this style is dying, with the Chitrakars confined to one village. We implore you to help popularize this art style and prevent it from going extinct by asking the Jharkhand government to promote Paitkar on the global level just as West Bengal and Odisha have done to their own artforms.