Maharashtra has a wide variety of handicrafts available, some of which originated long back during the time of Marathas, Mughals and even Britishers. These art and craft showcases the true spirit of Maharashtrian culture. There are some very famous crafts of Maharashtra such as sawantwadi crafts, bidri works, leather works, weaving, Mashru and Himru, Paintings and so on. These crafts portray the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra and showcase the unique blend of different traditions. The state also displays a lively spirit that never fades and can be seen in its crafts as well.
Mashru and Himroo originate from the Aurangabad District in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, and were once used to make clothes for nobles. Cotton and silk is woven together with the use of a special loom, resulting in a luxurious, distinctive feel.
These fabrics owe their opulence to the use of gold and silver threads for weaving. As a result, the final cloth has a tinge of gold across it. With time, the tradition of weaving by hand has lessened as machines gradually took over. However, the bold patterns and striking colours have helped retain the popularity of these fabrics.
Although both Mashru and Himroo are usually spoken of together, the process of weaving differs. Creating Himroo requires more skill and is slightly finer, and so it is considered more exclusive than Mashru.