The crafts of Manipur showcase the creativity of its people. Manipur produces a wide range of handicrafts and handloom items. Papier mache, decorative ivory, collectible dolls, bamboo and cane work are some of the many crafts of this state. In fact, the state is counted as one of the largest producer of bamboo crafts in India. Wood Carving, textile weaving, stone carving, block printing and hand-embroidery are other handicrafts of Manipur.
Kauna products were originally made for local utility purposes. The stem is also relished as a food. Kauna objects were usually basic in design, with a touch of colour if they were needed for ceremonial gifting. The most popular product among local Manipuris are the mats, mattresses and cushions which serve as furniture in a room where people do most socializing, working and eating while seated on the floor in the traditional style.
Shapes and sizes were limited until producers began to interact with city customers with more sophisticated tastes. They began to diversify, learning from designers at training workshops, and realizing that innovation and good quality basket weaving could attract more customers
Prominent weavers who have developed firm links with farmers who cultivate kauna grass, and local entrepreneurs who send samples to retailers elsewhere in the country or abroad now produce a wide range of easily saleable items that are sought after by any shopper or lover of natural eco-friendly materials.