Handicrafts of the entire northeastern region have their unique identity. The tribes of Mizoram have been making same pattern of handicraft from ages, which have become a part and parcel of their lives and rich heritage. The traditional craft of the Mizo tribes can be seen in their wonderful work of cane and bamboo. The use of cane and bamboo is basically done to produce both utility and decorative items. Another popular craft of the state is weaving. The state of Mizoram has some great weavers who create intricately beautiful products. These traditionally skilled artisans make bamboo products like baskets, utensils, hats, Handcrafted Furniture and flower vases as well as weaves shawls too.
One of the well known industries associated with the art and crafts of north-western India is basketry in Mizoram. There are four major types of baskets created in Mizoram. These different types of baskets are given below. The closed-weave basket is a type of basket, which is generally used by the Lushais of the state. There are three types of baskets that fall under this type of baskets of Mizoram. 
These are tlamen, paiem and dawrawn. Tlamen is used for carrying agricultural products and dawrawn is used for storing as well as carrying purposes. Paiem is used for carrying various agricultural products and also for marketing.
The open-weave baskets are meant for carrying purposes. There again two different varieties of such baskets are found in Mizoram. These are the emsin and the paikawng. The paikawng is generally used by the people belonging to the Lushai ethnic group.