Orissa possesses a wide range of art and craft and the Oriya artisans are experts in making splendid hand made pieces of handicraft. Many such art of the state has received awe-inspiring laurels from across the world. The number of handicrafts being made and created in Orissa includes Patta Chitra, Sand Art, Metal Work, Silver Filigree, Stone Carving and Puppets and Masks making and so on. Orissa artists create amazing masterpieces of art and crafts that are now popular not only in India but across the globe.
Applique Works
Tailors at Pipli execute applique works, which are in great demand. Giant-sized umbrellas of applique work are produced for use on festive occasions. Also used as garden umbrellas in sprawling lawns, they lend grace and color to any gathering. Heart-shaped fans, big and small canopies, and wall-hangings are also prepared out of applique work.
The tailors cut out figures of animals, birds, flowers as well as geometrical shapes out of richly colored cloth and these are arranged symmetrically on another piece of cloth and sewn in place to produce an eye-catching design. The rich splashes of yellow, white, green, blue, red and black colors dazzle the eyes of the onlookers and set the festive mood. Bags of various shapes and sizes are also made with applique motifs.
Applique chairs (umbrellas) and "Tarasa" (heart-shaped wooden structure covered with applique work and supported on pikes) are used to lend color to religious processions. Large applique canopies are an integral part of marriage celebrations. In temples, canopies are hung over the deities to protect them from falling dirt.