Sanju Rathi
Treasurer of Art Make in India Foundation
Sanju Rathi is Professionally Handwriting Expert. She is the key
promoter of “EKANSA SOCIAL FOUNDATION” and also its co-founder and
director. She is practicing Graphologist & Handwriting improvement teacher
conducting the course since 10 years. She has built a team of more than 50
Teachers for handwriting improvement. Sanju has hands on approach in
EKANSA and guides the operation team with formal reviews and periodic
updates. Sanju’s vision is to impart quality education to students to create
a holistic learning environment. She is a Consultant for corporate houses,
Individuals by providing required guidance to them. She is very active in
social work. She is also the Author of a book, Titled- “EKANSA Handwriting
Perfection Course.” 
Words from her: “My hand is my inspiration I have dedicated my life to
help others and witnessing the positive change in their lives in my

Her Establishments:
✓ “Ekansa social foundation”
✓ “Ekansa handwriting perfection course”