Sikkim is renowned for its dazzling and appealing beauty. The charm of this state is ever enticing and no one can abstain from its allure. In fact, Sikkim is resplendent with not only its natural beauty but with its art and craft too. The cultural richness of Sikkim is visible in its quality handicrafts. The institution is a reservoir of eye-catching handicraft and handlooms like carpets, wood carved furniture, thankas and canvas wall hangings. Sikkimese carpets are especially known for being hand knotted with artistic designs. The handicrafts of Sikkim have a kind of appeal in them, whether it is fantastic woven carpet or amazing 'choktse' table, everything is just wonderful. People from India as well as abroad, stroll the markets to grab hold of the crafts of Sikkim. In the following lines, we have tried to give a glimpse of Sikkimese handicrafts.
High mountains and fascinating greenery. Sikkim is widely known for not only its breath taking beauty but for some extraordinary works of art and craft, like them tables called Choktse, Hand made papers, Woolen blankets, and traditional motifs.
Choktse, a foldable table from the region of gangtok, is one of them well-known products of Sikkim, attaining both national and international fame. Choktse tables are prepared in varying designs with unique motifs.
Choktses are small wooden tables which are very delicately painted and polished. The tables are both foldable and portable, made in different dimensions. They are Tibetan in origin, made from wood locally known as kath.