The handicrafts of Tamil Nadu showcase the profuse history of Tamil culture and traditions that has grown over the ages. The different crafts of Tamil Nadu add elegance and splendor to lifestyles of People in Tamil Nadu and all over the world. The various crafts of Tamil Nadu include Tanjore Paintings, Jewelry, Woodcarving, Stone Carving, Pottery, and much more. The traditional ornate paintings, known as Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu are most distinct paintings of the state. These paintings use pure gold foils and semi precious stones for decoration. Making musical instruments is another craft of Tamil Nadu. 
The making of Kolam by women in the morning is a ritualistic artform designed to bring a calm start to the day and symbolises the connection between the internal and external. The kolams are drawn on the threshold of a home or building and display symmetrical patterns which change according to the calendar. Traditionally drawn using rice batter, kolams would attract insects and birds, connecting them to the natural world. Now, rice flour or chalk is used for ease. Everywhere in Tamil Nadu you will see kolams drawn on thresholds, and if you rise early enough you will see these beautiful designs being made.