Handlooms and handicrafts of Tripura reflect the inborn art of workmanship, and uniqueness of the people. Tripura has a large population of tribals, thus has a tradition of different kinds of crafts. Handloom is the prime craft of Tripura. Intricately designed handlooms and silk, cane and bamboo works are the main form of art and craft industries. The obvious feature of Tripura handloom is vertical and horizontal stripes with distributed embroidery in multiple colours. Furniture, toys, objects of daily utility such as lamp shades, baskets, calendars, ivory work and Tripuran tribal jewellery, make shopping here a delightful experience.
cane and bamboo craft
Cane and Bamboo craft are the main crafts of Tripura. Ethnic groups in Tripura make wide variety of handicraft products using bamboo and cane. Some of the well known craft produce from the State include table mats, floor mats, room dividers, decorated wall panels, attractive furniture of cane and various gift items. The handloom industry is the oldest industry in the State and artisans produce cloths with the elegant designs, unique color combinations and lasting texture. Cane and Bamboo occupy a distinctive place in the life of Tripura. Wide variety of wonderful objects is made out of the Cane and Bamboo. Variety of items are produced, including Furniture, and Table Mats & other Mat products, Lamp Shades etc.
These products are also exported to various countries as they are in great demand. Interior decoration products made out of Cane and Bamboo include ceilings, paneling, plaques, Pot containers (Planters) etc. made of Gossamer thin bamboo mattress. Lamp Shades made out of fine strips of cane and bamboo, Furniture made of cane, Baskets knitted out of cane and bamboo strips are some of the well-known craft produce from the Tripura, which are always on demand.