Being a huge in size, the state of Uttar Pradesh produces large number of crafts created by the large number of artisans spread across the state. Various handicrafts including earthen pottery, carpets weaving, chikankari embroidery, silk saris etc., are the primary artifacts of Uttar Pradesh. Different parts of the state produce different crafts. For example, Varanasi is popular for silk saris, whereas Mirzapur produces carpets. Agra and Kanpur are famous for its leather crafts and Moradabad manufactures metal ware. Lucknow, on the other hand, produces chikankari embroidery, which is renown all over the world.
Other crafts like pottery, glass bangles, zardosi, woodenware, textiles, stonework, jewellery, sculptures, are also popular in the state.
Pottery is popular throughout the state. However, potters of Meerut, Khurja and Hapur are more skilled in it. In fact, the history of Khurja pottery is nearly 600years old. Surahi, a vessel with long neck is the most popular item created through pottery. It is used in summers to keep the water cool.
These vessels are embellished with beautiful floral designs and patterns. Vibrant colours are used, mostly orange and yellow, against a plain white background. In spite of being fully handmade, these items are priced at very reasonable rates.
Glazed pottery with white background and blue and green patterns is developed in Khurja, Chunar and Rampur in Uttar Pradesh. UP produces some of the finest Chunar black clay pottery. This is inlaid with silver paint in intricate designs. The art that is practiced in Nizamabad, has high gloss and lustre derived from a powder called kabiz made from the mud of rice fields. Khurja is also well known for its cheap and tough tableware.