Uttarakhand is also rich in cultural heritage, which has been kept alive through the Arts and Crafts of Uttarakhand. The Handicrafts of Uttarakhand has the potential for great value-addition to the tourism industry of the region. Uttarakhand is famous for its temple architecture, wood carvings, paintings and traditional ornaments. Uttarakhand had traditional artisans including “Tamtas” (Copper Smith) well-known for their hand-made utensils, and other artisans making useful household items from Bamboo and other commercial wood. Crafts of Uttarakhand also include various forms of embroidery and handworks
wood carving
The people of Uttaranchal are very creative in nature and the fact testifies itself in the beautiful temples that dot the entire land. The wood carvings of Garhwal and Kumaon are renowned for their simple yet delicate and attractive designs.
Take trips of Uttaranchal to see one of the most intense art of wood being performed live in front of you. The Craftsmen of Uttaranchal have attained great mastery over this art that is performed in almost all the parts of the state. Done mostly, on the temples and the doors of the houses, this local culture embellishes almost all the doors of the house. Locally called as Kholi, the embroidery on the doors mark the social status of a family. The main areas where one can see this art being performed are Dehradun and Nainital. Stone carving is also developing as a famous art in Uttaranchal. The highland mountains are great places to but woollens, wood crafts and many other items.