The handicrafts of West Bengal portray the legacy of the state, which is renowned. The famous textiles of West Bengal have found a unique place in the world market with its Baluchari Sarees, Silk and Tasar Textile etc., which are produced in districts like Murshidabad, Birbhum, Bankura, Hoogly and Nadia in West Bengal. Moreover, handloom of these districts is also popular. Vase, west bengal artOther crafts like jute crafts, wood and cane crafts, conch-shell crafts, brasswares, Dokra art and folk dolls are also popular crafts of West Bengal. Every district of West Bengal practices a number of handicraft activities out of which they specialize in one or two.
jute products
Jute, the golden fibre of West Bengal, has been subjected to multi-various applications by the handicrafts.
Jute is being used as raw material for producing beautiful items covering the entire gamut from the ubiquitous “big shopper” bags to intricately woven wall decorations, table mats, swings and plant-pot holders.
Jute, the 'golden fibre' has traditionally been woven and knotted and braided by women of Bengal, often for domestic storage. Jute as a fabric was much popular in ancient times. Today Bengal is not only a major producer of jute goods ranging from pllush jute-blended carpets, to decorative tapestries, garden pot hangings, decorative hand bags, bedspreads villages of the Kaliaganj area in West Dinajpur, the process of colouring, weaving of jute on sinple looms goes on, as the world outside turns once again to this wonderful natural fibre.
One of the most popular crafts of Chhattisgarh, the excellence of Dhokra appeals to travellers from all over the world and this unique craft represents the state internationally.